Amok Draumr 3.0 - hammock tent with bug net and suspension kit

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Type: Hammock tent

DRAUMR: old Norse for DREAM. Simply our dream hammock tent. Comfort guarantee (30 days test period) to ensure that you enjoy your new gear.


Flat hammock. Sleep flat on your side, back and stomach. The hammock offers a very flat lay both length-wise and width-wise (avoiding shoulder squeeze), compared to almost any other hammock that you will find on the market. By laying diagonally, you can lie quite flat in regular gathered-end hammocks, like our Amok Segl hammock, but the Draumr hammock offers superior flatness, and a more spacious feeling.
Chair mode: Adjustment straps to turn the hammock upright like a chair - a configuration commonly called “beer mode” (the hammock has a bottle holder for your beverage of choice). The unique chair solution allows creative use of the hammock - everything from fishing, to comfortably reading a book. Additionally, because of the hammock's 90º style you will get unbeatable views, not at all blocked by your two attachment points (usually two solid trees).
Built-in bug net with full-length YKK zippers on both sides. The netting can be stored out of the way in a custom-made pocket when not needed. Two elastic cords pull the netting out and away from the user - one is attached to the ridgeline to lift up the netting, and the second one can be staked to ground from the hammock's head end.
Complete suspension system with straps, buckles, 10 kN carabiners and tree huggers included. As seen in The Ultimate Hang: "Cinch buckles are a pretty common hammock suspension hardware system, but Amok is one of the only companies I’ve seen who really set it up to be very user friendly". To further ease set up and packing, the Draumr comes with a durable and spacious pack-sack attached to the hammock.


Sleeping pad (sold separately). The hammock is designed to, and must be used in combination with an inflatable sleeping pad for ultimate comfort and insulation. A customized sleeping pad pocket holds your preferred sleeping pad in place, making sure it never slides around. You can easily choose a suitable sleeping pad according to your insulation needs - commonly an affordable air filled pad for summer camping, or a well insulated sleeping pad for 3-season to year round camping.

Click the instructions tab in the menu above to see pad recommendations, or check out our Draumr hammock set that includes an Exped Synmat UL LW sleeping pad.
Tarp (sold separately) for rain, snow and strong sun protection. Designed specifically for the Draumr hammock, but it can also be used as a standalone tarp. Click the videos tab in the menu above to see how to perfectly pitch the tarp with and without trees.


Hammock: 70D Ripstop Nylon
Tarp: 40D Nylon. PU & Silicone coated, with taped seams
Hammock weight: 47oz / 1340g
Tarp weight: 25oz / 713g (including six lightweight stakes)
330 lb / 150 kg max weight
One person hammock
max length 75 inches / 190 cm
Pack size
Hammock: 12 in x 7 in / 30 cm x 17 cm
Tarp: 8 in x 2,4 in / 20 cm x 6 cm
Suspension straps
250 cm / 98 in


Hammock lay area


Recommended hammock viewing: Open the videos tab and check out our detail product demonstration video.

The Amok Draumr 3.0 hammock is designed to be used together with an inflatable sleeping pad for ultimate comfort and insulation.

Inside the hammock there are two pockets for different sleeping pad sizes:
Pocket for large pads: approx 77 x 25 x 4 inches
Pocket for medium pads: approx 72 x 20 x 2,7 inches


It is important to consider your use of the hammock when deciding on a sleeping pad. If you camp mostly during summer a basic air filled sleeping pad is perfect, and can be found at affordable pricing. For year round camping we recommended that you use a well insulated sleeping pad.

R-value (putting a number on warmth): Most manufactures of sleeping pads meant for camping provide an R-value. This describes the pad's insulation ability and a higher R-value means better insulation ability. For winter use it is preferable to have an R-value of about 4 and more. For 3-season use in spring, summer and autumn an R-value around 3 will do. For camping in the summer and in warmer climates you can use an air filled mattress without insulation.

Bring a repair kit

Always remember to bring a repair kit in your backpack. Most manufacturers include a repair kit when you purchase a pad.

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