Premium Camping Hammock Tent

Premium Camping Hammock Tent

Flat sleep and panoramic views wherever you camp
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The Draumr 3.0 Camping Hammock Tent

Draumr originates from Old Norse and means Dream. This hammock bed is the dream gear for anyone who would like to sleep truly flat when out camping.
Flat lay. Sleep flat on your side, back and stomach
Chair mode: Adjustment straps to turn the hammock upright like a chair
Integrated bug net with YKK zipper
Suspension straps with 10 kN carabiners and tree huggers included
Bottle holder and storage pockets
Durable and spacious pack-sack

Build Your Perfect Camping Hammock Kit

Flat Hammock
for Sleeping Comfortably Outdoors
Inflatable Pad
for Structure, Comfort and Insulation
Tarp Shelter
for Rain, Snow and Strong Sun Protection